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New Work: The Wedding of Amanda and Tommy Clark


New Work: The Wedding of Amanda and Tommy Clark

Brian Wilcox

 Outside of my work life I occasionally take on projects that inspire, challenge, or interest me. In this case the challenge was wedding cinematography.

Meet Amanda & Tommy:  

Tommy and I attended Lynchburg College together and were involved in many of the same campus groups. As his friend and fellow video guy, he came to me and asked if I could shoot his wedding. Having seen some of my work, he wanted to see my style applied to their wedding film. I agreed and began thinking on how I wanted to not only film their wedding but more importantly tell their story. 

I enjoyed the shoot. It was great to be able to spend time with both Tommy & Amanda in the midst of such an emotional day. I hope this wedding film serves them well and acts as a springboard for how they will always remember their big day. 

A big thanks to Tommy & Amanda for the letting me tell a small part of their story.